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Anti-counterfeiting Policy

This policy shall come into force with effect from 00:00 hours of 26th July 2019

We, Shoption Private Limited strictly do not allow any counterfeit product(s) to be listed on the Shoption Platform ('Platform', 'We', 'Shoption'). By accessing, browsing, or otherwise using the Platform or using the Service(s), including listing of product(s), any person either by themselves or through their representatives intending to offer product(s) for sale through the Platform ('Seller(s)') agrees to accept and be bound by and fully comply with this Anti-Counterfeiting Policy.

Counterfeit product(s)' would mean any product(s) which is a fake or a replica or anything that has been produced illegally, duplicated, bootlegged, copied to pass off as being an original product(s) or anything that may violate third party intellectual property rights.

Shoption reserves its right to remove, suspend or restrict listings that may contain counterfeit product(s) and/or that may violate the Terms Of Use and Product Listing Policy of the Platform. Any Seller(s) on the Platform shall be allowed to post any content or listing(s) only after verification of their trading status for the brands which they want to list on the Platform.

Seller(s) may be asked to provide documentation such as invoice(s) or any other relevant document(s) depending upon the circumstances to prove authenticity of the product(s) in their listing(s) along with a notarized declaration affirming that the product(s) under their listing(s) are genuine and authentic. Failure to provide the aforesaid documentation within 72 hours may result in the suspension or termination of the Seller(s)'s listing(s).

In the event, the listing(s) of the seller(s) are found to be of counterfeit product(s)s, We may take all actions such as but not limited to suspending or terminating the account of the seller(s), removing any/or all product(s) listings of the seller(s), withholding or forfeiting payment(s) of the seller(s) or any other action that may be deemed necessary. This shall be without any admission of any liability and without prejudice to the Platform's rights, remedies or defenses, all of which are expressly reserved with Shoption. The Seller(s) listing such counterfeit product(s) may also be independently subject to civil and criminal proceedings initiated by third party rights holders.

This Anti-Counterfeiting Policy shall be read in conjunction with the Terms of Use, Product Listing Policy, Infringement Policy and any other rules or policies in relation to the Platform that we may publish from time to time.